About First Grade

REMINDER:  Space Farms Class Trip on Thursday, May 16th

New – AnimalWebquest

*Please remember to have your child bring a healthy snack and water everyday. (Make sure the snack is Nut-Free if you have been told your child is in an allergy classroom.)

 Go Math

Unit 1 – Addition Concepts

Unit 2 – Subtraction Concepts

Unit 3 – Addition Strategies

Unit 4 – Subtraction Strategies

Unit 5 – Addition and Subtraction Relationships

Unit 6 – Count and Model Numbers

Unit 7 – Compare Numbers

Unit 8 – Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Unit 9 – Measurement

Unit 10 – Represent Data

Unit 11 – Three-Dimensional Geometry

Unit 12 – Two-Dimensional Geometry

Language Arts

Guided Reading Program

Fundations Word Study

Writers Workshop


Foss Science Program

  • Air & Weather
  • Balance & Motion
  • Plants & Animals

Social Studies

TCI 1st Grade

  • My School
  • My Family

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